Multigame option for Retail

Multigame option for Retail

Multi game viewer allows players to watch the events and follow the results of three different betting games on the same screen.

GoldenRace, award-winning Virtual Sports and betting technologies provider, presents its new betting software solution for Retail gambling.

This new release is available for all types of land-based businesses through the Golden Box, the solution for Windows, and also via satellite in Africa and Latin America.

The screens have been designed with a careful study of user experience, maintaining the identity of the original games while combining them in the most appealing way. Its multi game viewer allows players to watch the events and follow the results of three different betting games on the same screen.

Two of these virtual games are our most popular number games worldwide: Spin2Win and Keno. The third event included is our multi-awarded virtual football, which is the most played virtual soccer in the world.

Football is the main game, displayed on the largest portion of the screen. For this option, operators can choose to feature any of the different leagues from GoldenRace’s portfolio or the virtual World Cup -one of the preferred tournaments worldwide.

This solution aims to help land-based operators sell more tickets and also increase their profit by using less resources, as they can install GoldenRace Virtual Sports and games with a lower investment.

The most played virtual football

GoldenRace’s virtual football is the most played virtual sport and the most authentic 3D football simulation in the market. It is the industry top revenue virtual football, generating more than 20 million bets on a daily basis.

The latest version offers more than 40 markets for up to 20 football leagues and tournaments. GoldenRace updates its leagues faster than any other provider in the market, thanks to its industry-leading Retail live rendering system.

With the latest developed in-house technology and the most realistic odds, GoldenRace has established a major precedent in the virtual games industry, making virtual football as realistic as possible; a real sportsbook with virtual outcome.

Spin2Win and Keno

Spin2Win is a roulette-based game where a wheel, with 36 numbers in red and black colour -plus a green sector, spins until it hits a winning number.

It is a very easy-to-play game, with engaging features and markets such as number, colour, dozens, and odd/even.

Apart from Spin2Win Classic, GoldenRace offers two other options outside of the multi game tool: Spin2Win American and Spin2Win Royale, which are available both for Retail and online gambling.

You can read more about Spin2Win in this article.

The other permanent game in the new betting software tool is Keno, a very popular and classic casino bet.

It is a numbers game based on the lottery, where the player places a bet with a selection of one to eight numbers, and 20 balls out of 80 are drawn by the lottery drum. The winning results are showcased on the screen.

You can know more about GoldenRace’s Keno versions here.

Users will watch the draws and results of the three games on the screen in real time, while having all the bet history and statistics in different tabs.

Thanks to this multi game option you can multiply your players’ bets, cross-sell products, and boost your revenue!

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