The most successful roulette-based games

The most successful roulette-based games

Spin2Win is one of the most traditional casino games and has a high player engagement. It is also one of the most popular games of GoldenRace worldwide. This attractive roulette-based game is available for retail and online in many versions, such as Classic, Royale and American.

Spin2win, Spin to Win or Spin the Wheel, are just three of the plethora of names for this format.

It is one of the most classic casino games of all times and consists of a wheel divided according to colours, numbers, a combination of both, and many other possible sections, so players can have a variety of betting options to choose from.

This product combines the winning opportunities of the online roulettes with the excitement of a Fortune Wheel! All in one!

Do you want to know more about GoldenRace’s version of this engaging game?

What is Spin2Win?

Spin2Win is GoldenRace’s roulette-based game, and takes its name from a very popular phrase in the gambling industry, specially included in some slot machines: "Spin to Win", meaning that the player needs to spin (a wheel, several wheels or a slot, according to the case) to have the chance of winning.

The modern twist on the traditional roulettes, with built-in player engagement features and frequent wins make up an irresistible combination for players around the world.

Spin2Win has been developed in-house with a very realistic design that integrates really colourful, clean and eye-catching visuals.

Both the Classic and the Royale version are one of the most preferred GoldenRace’s games in Latam and Africa, right after the king of sports: our virtual football.

What is the difference between Spin2Win Classic, Royale and American?

Both Spin2Win and Spin2Win Royale are numbers games based on the European Roulette. They have 1 to 36 numbers –in red and black colours– and one green sector corresponding to the zero (it is not possible to bet on it as a number).

Spin2Win American, as its name says, is based on the American Roulette, so it has two green sectors that correspond to the traditional zero and double zero.

Between Spin2Win Classic and Royale, the main difference is that the Royale version has a small “sectors wheel” inside the main one, allowing more markets such as Sector, Low/High and Low/High Colour.

How to bet on Spin2Win?

The game is very simple, appealing, and easy to play!

The participants can try to guess the result of the draw, which is determined randomly, by betting on individual numbers between one and thirty-six, one of three colours, groups of dozens, and odd/even.

To bet on the Spin2Win online or enjoy it at betting shops, players have to select a betting market using the game dedicated menu. They pick one of the offered options and/or select the numbers, enter the amount they want to bet –selecting Coin/Chips that have the desired amount–, and press the icon “Play” button to register the bet.

The user will watch the draw and result on the screen in real time, while having all the Bet History and Statistics in different tabs.

Different modes available to build excitement and encourage your players!

Which are Spin2Win’s main markets?

Players can bet on one number out of thirty-six, on colour, dozens and odd/even in all the versions of the game, while they have many other markets available on Spin2Win Royale and Royale American, especially on the retail solution:

Spin2Win & Spin2Win American

  • Number: Place a bet for numbers between 1 and 36.
  • Colour: Place a bet for a colour between red, black, and green.
  • Dozen: Bet on 1 of the 3 possible dozen groups (1-12; 13-24; 25-36).
  • Odd/Even: Bet on an odd or even number.

Spin2Win Royale & Spin2Win Royale American

To all the previous markets, Spin2Win Royale in both versions, European and American, allows players to bet on the following:

  • Sectors: From A to F, with 6 numbers on each.
  • Low/High: They represent 18 numbers each: Low: 1-18, High: 19-36
  • Low/High Colour: They represent 9 numbers each (Low & Red; High & Red; Low & Black; High & Black).
  • Mirror*: The player bets on the Mirror numbers. Three options are offered: 12 and 21, 13 and 31, 23 and 32.
  • Twins*: The player bets on the three numbers that have both equal digits (11, 22, 33).
  • Finals*: The player chooses to bet on which final numbers the ball will stop**.

So… don’t hesitate, SPIN, and take this classic to your platform or betting shop 2WIN!

* Only for retail

** On Spin2Win Royale American, the market FINALS is divided into FINAL (0) AND FINAL (1-6).

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