4-day week
4-day week

GoldenRace embraces a 4-day working week

Jul 27, 2021

GoldenRace wants to be a reference, not only in virtual sports and games but also in everything relating to its workers. For this reason, the company is willing to invest in a better work-life balance for the GoldenRace family whilst increasing productivity.

Therefore, from September 2021, we will embrace the 4-day working week.

"The pandemic was a new experience all over the world and accelerated the momentum of several employment trends. We think it’s the right moment to make a big change to be ahead of our competitors. Allowing employees to work four days a week will help increase productivity," said Thomas De-Bruyné, GoldenRace co-founder.

Some international research confirms that employees who work fewer hours per week tend to be more productive compared to their overworked counterparts. It has been shown that compressing rather than extending employees’ working hours achieves better results when implementing a four-day working week.

There are many benefits in terms of operational efficiency: a more motivated and satisfied workforce, and an overall improvement in worker and company health and wellness.

HR and organisational trends are going through a huge revolution, especially boosted by the pandemic and the necessity of a home office setup.

Once the COVID-19 situation gets better, GoldenRace will also introduce a Fully Flexible Hybrid Model for its workers, who will be able to choose how to divide their working hours between home and the office.

“We are convinced that this is the right way for our company and all our employees. We’re looking forward to it,” added De-Bruyné.