What is the difference between Virtual and real football?

The main difference between virtual and real football is that with Virtual Football players watch either a pre-recorded or live-rendered virtual match, with a future result that is defined by certified RNG software.

In a Sportsbook, you can bet on real football matches pre-game or live, and you may have to wait for the event to occur for many hours, days, or even weeks. When you bet on Virtual Football, you bet on a near-future result that will happen either immediately or in a few minutes.

Competitors in a Virtual Football match can be pre-recorded from real events, 3D-created, or a combination of both.

Real football is always scheduled at a certain hour and day of the year, and it can be watched live. Pre-recorded and live-rendered Virtual Football allows players to enjoy and bet on both virtual and real football.

Finally, Virtual Football events usually present an abbreviated duration of the match, highlighting its most important moments and lasting only a few minutes.

These Virtual Football features allow players to bet more frequently, skip matchdays, bet on multiple leagues and tournaments, and even bet on different sports and games at the same time.

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