What is a Random Number Generator (RNG)?

A random number generator (RNG) is a process designed to generate a set of random numbers that show no detectable patterns. In Virtual Gaming, producing unpredictable results is extremely important and certified RNGs are the key to achieving it.

What is RNG used for?

The RNG is at the heart of Virtual Gaming, it is used by the system to select the next competitors/horses/dogs in a race, and to generate the finishing order of a race or the winners in other types of Virtual Sports competitions. In other words: they generate the results of all our virtual games.

Is it possible to predict an RNG?

An RNG generates numbers in such a way that no individual number can be predicted from the knowledge of the other numbers, so an RNG can’t be predicted. In virtual games, after the odds are shown for a certain time, the clock counts down until the market is closed and no more bets are allowed. It is exactly then that the result is generated by the RNG.

Is there any warranty that RNG is working correctly?

It is very important that a reputable independent third party verifies and certifies the RNG to ensure that it works as it should.

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