What are the main advantages of Virtual Football?

As an operator, Virtual Football, and in fact every Virtual Sport, allows players to set the desired RTP (Return To Player) and payout, being a much more stable process. This enables operators to acquire a predictable and steady income.

Another important feature, which is unique from GoldenRace’s Virtual Football, is that its maths mixes RNG and several parameters according to real teams’ performance, resulting in a more realistic, unpredictable, and attractive way of betting that is also secure and reliable.

With an abbreviated duration of events and 24/7 availability of pre-recorded and live-rendered games, players are able to bet on several events per day, so operators boost their benefits by generating more tickets.

Virtual Sports have proven to be the natural addition to any Sportsbook, since it is the only vertical which manages to cover so many aspects that players love about the sports betting experience. Plus, it doesn’t require any training, offering a familiar layout that players are used to with a zero learning curve.

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