In-play betting and cash-out function take your screens!

Dec 23, 2020

In-play betting and cash-out function take your screens!

GoldenRace’s 3x3 Basket introduces some innovations that have revolutionised the Virtual Sports industry.

3x3 Basket is a variation of basketball, consisting of a game on a half-court, with three players on each team and one basket. It has been the largest urban team sport in the world for several times, and this is why GoldenRace has developed a virtual basketball software, adding this game to its sports betting solutions.

This new product has been developed in-house and pre-recorded with real players from the US and Europe.

Apart from real action moves and voiceover commentators that add excitement to the matches, GoldenRace’s 3x3 Basket introduces some innovations that have revolutionised the Virtual Sports industry.

Game innovations & features

3x3 Basket is an instant virtual sport, available on GoldenRace’s online platform for mobile and desktop. It is the first virtual game with a cash-out function, allowing bettors to get their money back on their bets before the event is over.

It also offers the possibility of combined bets to increase the odds and the potential payout, and two types of betting: pre-match markets and in-play markets including for the last minute of the gameplay, where the cash-out function is made available. The option of in-play betting means players can bet after the match has started (9 minutes into the game).

A configurable background enables extensive in-game branding possibilities, including animated logos and ad placements.

A “skip” feature permits users to move instantly between the different phases of the game, without having to place a bet or watch the video, making the gaming experience even more dynamic.

The game also displays real stats from the last five matches, including team ranking, Field Goal, 2 - Pointer, Head to Head, and Over / Under 37.5.

3x3 Basket betting opportunities

3x3 Basket also presents attractive alternative markets, such as:

  • Money Line: Predict which team will win the game. Home offers Odds for the Home (Red) team to win and Away is the Blue team's Odds.
  • Spread Lines: Essentially assigns spread handicap to each team so this market refers to the margin of victory.

Team 1 is the Home team and team 2 the Away Team.

So if Team 1s handicap is -1.5, Team 1 needs to win by at least 2 points for the bet to win. Whereas Team 2 will receive a handicap of +1.5 points so that they can win OR lose by 1 point for the bet to be a winner (there are no draws in this game).

  • Total Lines: Predict if the sum of total points of the match it will be more or less than the spread selected.
  • Race to 21: Predict if one of the teams will score 21 points.

Keep your players constantly engaged with the most revolutionary and exciting instant sport!

This GoldenRace innovation was the winner of the Best Virtual Sports Product at the SBC Awards 2019. The company has recently been recognised with the SBC 2020 Virtual Sports Supplier award, due to the steady investment and development of outstanding virtual products and B2B solutions.

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