US: A promising pursuit for betting companies

Aug 20, 2021

US: A promising pursuit for betting companies

GoldenRace is more committed than ever to its long-term objective of offering its betting services in the US market.

GoldenRace is more committed than ever to its long-term objective of offering its betting services in the US market, recently obtaining a licence in the state of New Jersey and reaching agreements with other potential clients whilst doing so.

Having long believed that the success of our Virtual Sports gambling software in Europe can be recreated in the US, in 2018 we set about becoming members of the North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries (NASPL), a regional association that facilitates communication between lottery operators and gaming vendors. GoldenRace aims to work with the local industry and responsibly grow as a Virtual Sports provider in order to offer the best gaming experience for customers.

Elsewhere, we have attended G2E and The Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention in Las Vegas, as well as Betting on Sports America in New York, organised by SBC.

GoldenRace looks forward to the challenge of demonstrating our novel Online solution to US operators to help them understand the multitude of benefits it can offer - the attraction of year-round betting, constant on-demand services and a steady supplementary income, to name but a few. Our realistic odds and carefully studied features often facilitate a smooth transition for players and operators alike.

Personalised to pique interest

Besides offering an extensive variety of Virtual Sports including soccer, fighting and races, we will release a tailor-made series of highly appealing sports betting products that are especially geared towards the North American public.

Our groundbreaking HD 3x3 Basketball, for example, combines the popular appeal of 3x3 Basket with the features of in-play betting, cash-out function and real sports data and is sure to be a hit.

The pandemic has highlighted the undeniable benefit of Virtual Sports, seeing their popularity rocket and keep the industry alive while real events came to a halt. GoldenRace has a proven track record of increasing traffic at betting shops and the security that this offers, will certainly be attractive to potential clients in the US.

With industry reports from Morgan Stanley predicting that sports betting will be legalised in up to 38 US states by 2023, and online betting likely to follow suit later, it is undoubtedly a promising and exciting market to tap into. To this end, GoldenRace will continue to build connections to allow as many of its partners, operators and customers as possible to enjoy its services.

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