Martin Wachter: "Dream big and do things right"

Martin Wachter: Dream big and do things right

We have interviewed Martin Wachter (CEO and Founder of GoldenRace) to know more about his life and his professional thoughts.

Martin Wachter is the CEO & Founder of GoldenRace. He found it in 2006, after a couple of years in the virtual sports industry in Germany.

Today, more than 50,000 shops are running with GoldenRace’s software, and more than 400 websites are powered by the company’s online solution.

GoldenRace processes 15 million tickets per day and is licensed and certified in major jurisdictions worldwide.

We have interviewed Wachter to know more about his life and his professional thoughts.

Here it is!

Why did you decide to work on virtual sports?

It was by accident. Someone introduced me to virtual sports and asked me to work with him. He knew from my past that I was good at selling and he was looking for someone to cover the German market. I didn’t know anything about virtual sports but I found it very interesting so I checked the product, liked the idea and started selling it in this area and working in this industry.

What did you do before working in this industry?

From 1993 to 1999, I was an insurance sales agent, and I saw that I was very good at selling so I mainly worked in sales from that time on.

What do you like the most about the Virtual Sports industry?

The gaming industry is very interesting because you meet a lot of people from different areas, you are able to travel a lot, and it is very stable. Even in crisis, gaming always works. It is a very competitive industry, with very strong companies. There are a lot of regulations and new markets opening slowly, so not everything is done in this market yet, which makes it interesting. I think there is a real chance to make something big and outstanding if you dream big and do things right.

When and why did you decide to found GoldenRace?

I had some innovative ideas that were difficult to make real in another company, so I thought of having my own company. I asked my former boss to join the project and he immediately said yes. We decided some details during 2005 and I think around May 2006 we went live with our first client in Germany.

What would you say are the greatest achievements for the company?

The team. I know many companies say their teams are good but I can assure our team is really good. And one of the greatest achievements is that everybody working at GoldenRace doesn’t see it only as a job, they follow us, follow me, they see there is ambition and a dream and they are part of it. We have a really strong team. This gives me confidence because there is nothing that can stop us. I have a big army behind me working day and night to make our story of success.

And for you personally?

Well, of course it was nice to recently become Leader of the Year in a very important award.

And apart from this, I found with my job now something that is actually unique and I wish for everyone in the world. It is perfect. What I am doing everyday is exactly what I want to do. It’s not work. It is a dream come true, I am following my dream and my goals everyday.

I think there are still possibilities to grow and get bigger and more successful and I am sure no one can beat us. We are strong.

What would you say makes GoldenRace virtual sports the best in the market?

We are very flexible, aggressive, we always focus on the things that really count: that you have a product which is easy for players to understand, that they trust on it, and that it's not very expensive for retail and very flexible and adaptive when it goes for desktop and mobile.

These are some of the reasons why GoldenRace became the best.

Apart from this, we are the only company so far working with realistic odds, so we always try to be a real sportsbook with a virtual outcome.

I think these are the unique points that make GoldenRace so different from the rest of the companies in the industry.

What are the plans for 2021?

Getting bigger, opening new markets, and improving the existing games.

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