All-in-One Solution: A deeper look inside

All-in-One Solution: A deeper look inside

GoldenRace’s all-in-one solution is having amazing results. According to some executives from the company, many contracts have been closed faster than usual because of the attractiveness of this proposal.

Presented some months ago, Golden Race’s all-in-one solution is having amazing results. According to some executives from the company, many contracts have been closed faster than usual because of the attractiveness of this proposal.

The reason for this success is that this product has been designed to help Golden Race partners expand their portfolio in the easiest and most cost-effective way, offering a unified API to integrate three different verticals as a collective or one-by-one.

But, what is exactly “inside” this All-in-one solution?

The most realistic virtual sports & games

Golden Race goes beyond the concept of virtuals with true-to-life virtual sports and games.

We invest properly and steadily in developing the most innovative products with our creative in-house team of 3D artists and developers who constantly generate unique games, betting platforms and technologies that never existed before.

Our virtual games are simple, time-tested and widely loved. In addition to the extensive offer of virtual sports, digital recreations of lottery and casino style games, with attractive and elegant designs, complete the betting portfolio to dramatically boost the traffic on your platform.

Some of our most popular virtual games are:

  • Spin2Win & Spin2Win Royale: A fast-paced modern take on French Roulette, with built-in player engagement features and frequent wins – your players will love the spin! Spin 2 Win is simple, appealing, and easy to play! The visuals are colourful, clean, and eye-catching.
  • Keno & Keno Deluxe: We offer Keno in its purest digital form. Players pick up to 8 numbers from a board of 80, the system randomly draws 20. The more hits, the more they win. The chances of hitting a number diminishes with each number hit, but the payouts keep growing!
  • Perfect 6: A colourful, eye-catching, and exciting futuristic style of bingo, with a whole set of bonuses and extra chances to win. 35 balls are drawn at random and the player wins when its six selected numbers are among the 35.

On the other hand, all our Virtual Sports present a level of realism that is unprecedented in the industry: from the Sportsbook interface to the realism of the odds and outcomes, the extensive number of markets and the hyper-realism of the 3D visuals and animations.

All these features succeed in attracting players everywhere and maximising retention.

Our sports events include the biggest portfolio of virtual football formats and horse races
with industry-leading 3D graphics, plus an exclusive pre-recorded video library of unique MMA-style fights, 3x3 Basketball matches, a wide variety of motorbike races, karts and greyhounds.

An authentic sports betting experience with:

  • Races: Based on a Random Number Generator, players will visualise the race progress experiencing a whole new way to play. 3D and HD mode: endless live-rendered and real action videos, that allow you to deliver all the excitement of fast-paced races on a schedule that suits your needs. Dirt Track, Dog Racing, Speedway, Karts, Horse Racing, Trotting, Motorbike racing
  • 3x3 Basketball: the first virtual 3x3 basketball in the industry. This fast and furious game presents unique features and functions - like the in-play betting and the cash-out options- that will keep your players constantly engaged. Pre-recorded in HD with professional players from the US and Europe and completed with realistic 3D courts and sport commentary, you will have the most played urban team sport on your screens!
  • Real Fighting: The only pre-recorded fighting game in the business. Real MMA world champions captured in live combat, exclusive HD footage placed on exciting 3D environments and ruthless finishing moves made this product the 2016 SBC Awards winner in the Best New Virtual Sports Product category. Highly configurable virtual backgrounds, 5 rounds per event and more than 70 betting markets and Victory combo option (bet on a particular result for each round) will knock you out!

Virtual Football

The most played Virtual Sport and the most authentic 3D football simulation in the market is here.

With a 2020 qualitative visual leap forward!

Mastering the latest motion capture trends, our outstanding Visual FX team has developed a full set of proprietary technologies that establish a major precedent in the virtual games industry.

Formats available are Single Match, League (with more than 20 Virtual Football Leagues and tournaments simultaneously) and Cup.

Thanks to the On Demand mode you don’t need to wait for your favourite team to play. The event starts as soon as you place a bet and you can skip the current week and load the next one in just one click.

The result is a spectacular virtual football which combines all the elements that both players and operators love.

The industry top revenue virtual football: more than 20 million bets on a daily basis!

Outstanding Video Slots

Spinmatic designs and provides high-quality slot and bingo games with the latest HTML5 technology.

With almost 50 titles at the moment, a team of experts analyse the market and gamblers’ preferences to develop customised games.

The most revolutionary game this year is Spinalott, a hybrid of slot and lottery game which is unique in the market, with a never seen jackpot up to 150,000,000 euros. Players find themselves in an immersive TV lottery environment, where the wheels of the slot spin away until they hit the lucky combination that gives them access to the Lottery bonus screen.

Other successful Spinmatic games are:

  • Ed Jones & The book of Seth: Spinmatic’s N. 1 video slot worldwide. The world-renowned archeologist Ed Jones is getting ready for the adventure of his lifetime... and he needs your help! Test your skills and join him in the search for the “Book of Seth”. Ed Jones and Book of Seth is a very successful standard Video Slot game with 5 reels, 3 rows and 10 fixed paylines. Its main features are: Wild Scatter, Free Spins, Special Expanding Symbol and Gamble.
  • Plata o Plomo: This is the star in Latin America: a standard Video Slot game with 5 reels, 4 rows and 40 fixed paylines. The features of this game are: Moving Wild, Bonus Game (Plata o Plomo). Money laundering, illegal drugs, and mules on one side; U.S. and local law enforcement on the other… Will El Patrón be able to escape his custom-designed prison? Or will the police force be able to catch him and bring him to justice? See it for yourself by entering the exciting, yet dangerous world of Plata o Plomo!
  • Nice Cream: The smell of the sea, the sound of the seagulls, a gentle breeze… What else do you need for a perfect day at the beach? An ice cream truck, of course! Dive into the world of gelato and maybe if you are lucky enough, the owner might reward you with free ice cream and juicy prizes! Nice Cream is a Spin Factor Video Slot game with 3 reels, 3 rows and 27 paylines. The features of the game are Standard Wild, Free Spin, Free Spin Scatter with multiplier and Gamble.
  • Spring Invaders: Everybody enjoys being out in the fresh air, eating delicious food and having fun under the sunny skies. Unfortunately, picnics can also attract some uninvited guests: little invaders who will use every chance to get your food and ruin your perfect day. Be ready to defend your belongings from Spring Invaders! Spring Invaders is a Spin Factor Video Slot game with 4 reels, 3 rows and 81 betways. The features of the game are Wild, Mystery Symbol and Gamble.

And much more!

With the all-in-one solution you will enjoy the whole suite of amazing bingo and slot games!

24/7 Live Games

The live broadcasted game production pioneer is also an important part of this 360º solution.

HollywoodTV offers the most extensive suite of Lottery, Fortune Wheel and Cards games 24/7.

Some of the most played HTV live games are:

  • Super 7: a lottery-based experience using fixed odds with a variable pay out tapping into the ever-increasing instant win market. Players can place their bets and watch in live video streaming the random draw of 7 balls out of 42. The perfect balance between low and high prices both live and virtually!
  • Spin2Wheel: a new concept of Live Game featuring two wheels where players can place their bet in one wheel or the other, and also combine them to obtain higher prices. The first wheel has 37 sectors & 4 colours and the second one 19 sectors & 3 colours.
  • Super5: a game based on the lottery. Players can place bets and watch in live video streaming the random draw of 5 balls out of 36 (12 green, 12 red, 12 yellow).
  • Roulette: This attention-grabbing version of the European roulette will delight your players as they take their chances with their lucky numbers.
  • Mega6: is a game based on the lottery with numerous chances of winning where players can select balls from 1-49, watch in live video streaming the random draw of 6 balls out of our certified lottery machine, and win for three or more matches.
  • Keno: a globally recognised format featuring a certified lottery machine where players can place bets on 8 numbers and watch in live video streaming the random draw of 20 balls out of 80. With draw history and statistics, a fixed pay table and many betting options!

So… Who said you can’t have it all?

With GoldenRace’s All-in-One solution you can!

Get ready to engage your players and have them coming back for more!

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