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What makes GoldenRace football different from others?

GoldenRace has always been at the forefront of the industry in the in-house creation and distribution of its virtual football. From its live-rendered technology, which makes it the most convenient and cost effective solution for betting shops, and its market-leading filming and 3D technology, to the great number of leagues and tournaments updated in no time and great amount of features added to the game and betting solution every month... Every innovation has been carefully crafted to significantly increase players' satisfaction and operators' profit.

The latest technology developed in-house makes GoldenRace’s virtual football as realistic as possible; an immersive experience with a real sportsbook lookalike. Cutting-edge motion capture technologies, real team moves from professional players, real sports camera angles, incredible visual and sound FX, voice-over from commentators in all major languages, realistic odds and a familiar betting interface, among others, make GoldenRace’s the most authentic 3D football simulation in the market and the industry top revenue virtual football, generating more than 20 million bets on a daily basis.

This success is largely due to how attractive our virtual football leagues are: players can bet on their favourite teams every few minutes, without having to wait for the real game. Since the odds and results in our virtual games are as close to reality as possible, along with the familiar sportsbook interface of our betting solutions, the experience of betting in our football league has become immersive and generates the same number of tickets to many of our partners as the real league!