Euro Cup tournament
Euro Cup tournament

Virtual Football: Boosting bets alongside the real-time action

Jul 01, 2021

GoldenRace’s 3D virtual football generates more than 20 million daily bets worldwide, and with the real-life international football tournaments already well underway, what better time for your players to get involved in our virtual games?

As well as several innovations and top-quality features, the draw of a virtual match is also due to its authenticity. This is thanks to GoldenRace’s football betting software, the star of which is a motion-capture system that uses authentic camera angles of real footballers and scanned stadiums to achieve stunning visual FX. To top it off, players enjoy realistic odds and voice-overs by professional commentators.

Released to emulate the European and Latin American tournaments on which they are based, players in these main markets can make endless, anytime bets to add even more excitement to the virtual experience this summer.

The Virtual Euro Cup features the 24 teams that qualified for this major European championship, and players can relive the action from any virtual match at any point and however many times they desire. The new virtual tournament is already available worldwide for retail and online, in both on demand and scheduled mode. Its optimisation ensures that players enjoy easy access on their mobile and desktop devices.

Also available is the highly successful La Libertadores tournament, which returns in 2021 with the addition of 3D animations and constantly updated teams based on the real event from 10 Latin American countries. This authenticity and familiarity will have players from all over the continent trying their luck as they revel in the action this summer and beyond.

GoldenRace’s +20 hyper-realistic virtual football competitions are produced to maximise profits for both land-based and digital operators. Multiple customisation options, cost-effective software and full live-rendering 3D technology make it a must-have addition to your line-up.

So, as the world gets hooked on the Euro Cup and the Libertadores, don’t pass up the chance to boost your betting revenue with GoldenRace’s virtual offers.

It’s the perfect moment to capitalise on the summer football fever!