Real fighting
Real fighting

The only pre-recorded fighting game in the business

Jan 21, 2021

Instant Real Fighting is one of GoldenRace’s main online “stars,” the only pre-recorded fighting game in the business and the winner of the SBC Award ‘Best New Virtual Sports Product’ in 2016. The game excels, featuring exclusive HD combat footage, the most realistic 3D environment and many ruthless finishing moves.

Available on GoldenRace’s online platform for mobile and desktop, this ground-breaking virtual game is based on the increasingly popular MMA Fighting, the Mixed Martial Arts championship, consisting of five intense rounds per event.

Real Fighting in virtual sports is a seamless blend of the real fight video action in high definition in a hyper-realistic fighting stage.

The competitors’ ranking is displayed on the betting platform, based on the last 100 fights, so that players can check the odds and get familiarised with the contestants.

The odds are based on real-fight action and the results are based on a Random Number Generator (RNG).

Each professional fighter has their own unique physical characteristics, style and catchy nickname.

Provide your players with the most brutally realistic virtual experience – whenever they want it!

What does “instant sport” mean?

Real Fighting is an instant sport, also called On Demand. This means that your players don’t have to wait for the game to start: it will begin as soon as they place their bets and press the “Play” button.

There are also “Skip” buttons available to move instantly to the next fight and to skip the video and go straight to the results, retaining players as their betting experience is improved.

Which are Real Fighting main features?

Real Fighting is a catchy instant sport with MMA World champions filmed in real combat action. Combats have five intense rounds that take place in a digital 3D scenario and are commented by professional voice-over in every major language.

The other main engaging game features are the realistic odds, created by professional in-house bookmakers.

Main betting markets

This virtual sport will hit your players with more than 70 markets!

Some of the most attractive betting markets are:

  • To Win: Black or White to Win the fight.
  • Fight Outcome: There are 5 possible outcomes of the fight. Black wins by KO, Black wins by POINTS, Draw, White wins by POINTS or White wins by KO.
  • Victory Combo: A combination of round outcomes.
  • Round Group: In which group of Rounds will the fight end and which fighter will win the fight.
  • Total Rounds: How many rounds will the fight last? The options are Over and Under the number of Rounds stipulated.
  • K.O.: Will the fight end in a KO? Yes or No.
  • K.O. Round: In which Round will the fight end in a KO and by which Fighter.
  • Correct Score: The cumulative score in Rounds won by each fighter when the fight ends.

And much more!

Let your players bet on the undisputed heavyweight champion of virtual sports and win by K.O.!

You can check the gameplay here in the demo on your desktop screen or mobile device.