Rene Wachter
Rene Wachter

Rene Wachter: “We are already and again at least one step in front”

Jun 29, 2021

GoldenRace’s Chief Operations Officer, Rene Wachter, has been shortlisted as one of the 10 Best COO’s of the Year by the Industry Era magazine. It is an honour for us as a company and it reflects the hard work that Rene has been doing for a long time.

In an interview with the same magazine, Rene analysed its leading job since he’s in this role:

“I believe I am a great leader. I empower people, giving them freedom and making them responsible, giving them the necessary advice to help them achieve their goals so the company succeeds.”

He also explained how he managed the change in the way the company worked, especially in how teams were working internally and with each other.

“Internal communications and transparency have improved a lot and these are some of the main keys to be successful. Only if any single employee understands his or her importance for the company will they stay focussed and will always do their best for the sake of the company, cause the company is always on top!”

As an outside-the-box thinker, like the magazine titled the interview, Wachter encourages younger COO’s to be different from the others, going different ways:

“We don’t follow, we want to be followed. Besides the newest technologies, we are adjusting our workflow continuously. All of that ends up in a situation where the competition is always in a rush to provide similar solutions, meaning we are already and again at least one step in front. Listen to different people, be optimistic, treat every employee like a good friend and always expect the most from all of them.”

In response to the question about how GoldenRace’s virtual sports engage players constantly and generate more than 15 million tickets per day, Wachter highlighted the company’s main features, like the realistic odds, the design of a familiar layout, the use of ultimate motion capture techniques, amazing visual and sound FX, and a great support team, among others.

“Players get immersed in an authentic sports betting experience, which makes our clients generate a great amount of income, that was unprecedented before for virtual sports. Nowadays, in most of Africa and some countries like Italy, the bets in virtual sports generate more tickets than the bets on real sports,” added Wachter.

Finally, there is no doubt that one of Rene’s greatest achievements is having led the company’s transformation from an operational view. About the strategies to thwart market competition, he explains:

“Always go together with our employees, assisting them, training them… When every employee is able to go to the next step, the company will go to the next step. If you achieve this, the company will obtain better results.”

You can read the full interview here