Customisable Betslip
Customisable Betslip

Optimal betslip: the essential tool for your virtual sportsbook

Apr 07, 2021

Sometimes, when betting, there are tools and features so traditional that people don't even know how they are called or what they do. The betslip, for example, is the virtual ticket that allows players to make different types of bets, from single bets to system bets, and choose among a wide range of betting markets, interacting with the bet selections they have made.

That is to say, that you cannot have an online betting platform without a betslip, or that players cannot bet without a betslip.

So, as you can imagine, this is a very common and essential tool. But… how to obtain the biggest benefit thanks to your betslip?

Customisable betslip

The betslip is a crucial tool for any real or virtual online sportsbook. When a player interacts with the betslip, that is "the moment of truth." Just like the shopping cart for an e-commerce, this experience defines exactly how much and how they are going to spend their money, and therefore, it defines your revenue.

That is why GoldenRace has focused on designing a flexible and customisable betslip that allows you to maximise your profit, according to your business needs.

With this new feature, unique in the virtual market, you will be able to personalise the virtual betslip in your website to look exactly like the one in your sportsbook section. This way, your customers won’t have to learn anything new to place their bets.

This highly flexible feature has been created to help users adapt to the virtual sports platform faster and be able to maximise the number of tickets placed, according to how they use it.

Become your own betslip builder, create a profitable, easy-to-use betslip, and generate more tickets!

Included on the latest V.4 mobile solution, this tool helps you offer an always available but not intrusive betslip, providing your players with all types of bets, suggestions, potential wins, and relevant information in a clear way, improving by far their betting experience.

You will be able to customise the design according to the device and your players’ preferences, as GoldenRace’s betslip tool also offers two different modes of operating, depending on how to interact with the different bets types: Standard and Tabs mode.

The Standard mode allows the player to view and interact with all possible bets types on the same page, while the Tabs mode allows the player to interact with the different types of bets navigating through tabs.

Standard Mode

Tabs Mode

The first one is recommended for markets like Europe, USA, and Asia, and the Tabs mode is preferred in Africa.

You can simply select the operating mode of the betslip through our easy-to-use backoffice.

Together with the personalised markets option, GoldenRace offers you the most effective virtual solution for your jurisdiction, that perfectly accommodates to your players' preferences.

Contact us if you want to know more about our flexible and completely customisable betslip, and maximise your virtual sports revenue!