Free Bets
Free Bets


Nov 19, 2020

Any company's survival depends on the sales of its products or services… That is to say: it depends on its clients!

It seems pretty logical that, the better you treat them, the better results you will get from them.

What could you do, then, to have your players coming and coming to your platform?

Mobile growth during the last years has been incredible and seems to have no end.

GoldenRace has recently upgraded its mobile solution's loading speed to a cutting-edge level, so that players never have to wait to bet on their favourite virtual sports.

Also, the company is presenting this week two more tools to attract and engage your customers through this powerful channel!


The new GoldenRace’s Loyalty Programme works like an individual Jackpot.

Once the player enters the Programme, a percentage of each stake is accumulated in a “piggy bank” until the configured amount is reached. Then, this extra credit is automatically transferred to the player’s wallet.

By rewarding them, you will obtain more stakes, which will help you boost your business revenue.

The Loyalty Programme is divided into four levels: Base, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, each one with different games and prizes.

Each time a player completes the rounds of accumulated credit and changes level, new benefits such as different games or Deluxe versions, and higher bonuses in combined bets are unlocked!

This tool is 100% customisable, from the amount of money they need to accumulate before it is transferred to their credit, to the number of times players need to accumulate the same amount before passing to a new level, and so on.


Free Bets is the second new retention tool for Mobile that GoldenRace is presenting these days.

This tool works as “promotional wallets”, being credit rewards that you can choose when and why to give them.

Welcome gifts, VIP recognition, by type of bet… It’s up to you!

Players can benefit from occasional promotions where they will receive free betting credits. These credits are stored in addition to the player's regular credit balance.

If a stake made from a free bet is won, the player will increase the actual credit with the net win.

GoldenRace is already working on including Free Bets as a Loyalty Programme reward.

Do your players now leave and rarely come back again? Maximise their engagement with our new tools!