Interview with Julio Duque
Interview with Julio Duque

Interview with Julio Duque

Jul 29, 2021

GoldenRace’s Director for Latin America will be at GAT Expo in Colombia, on August 18th and 19th.

-What do you hope to find at GAT this year?

Above all, we hope to meet our customers and partners again, as it has been a long time since we have seen each other and shared experiences. We are looking forward to showing them our latest developments.

-What will GoldenRace be showing or sharing with the attendees?

We will be showing our new V2 platform for the retail channel, with satellite transmission at no extra cost for our customers and with 3 channels 24/7.

-How has the Latin American betting industry dealt with the COVID pandemic?

I think it has done it in a very professional and smart way; during this time, the whole GoldenRace team focused on strengthening the online channel, working in the meantime on improving our retail channel solutions.

-What changes or positive impacts do you think this will have on the industry?

The increased speed at which the online channel is developing and not relying on a single face-to-face sales channel.

-What is the gambling situation in the main countries in the region?

In most countries there is still no legislation, which means that gambling moves between grey and black areas. We hope that these countries will quickly follow the regulatory trend and that clear rules can be generated for all operators, which will allow them to generate, via taxes, benefits and welfare for their citizens.

-Tell us a little bit about Colombia and its model gambling legislation.

The regulation of gambling in Colombia has brought great benefits, not only to the operators and suppliers, but also to the players, the government and its citizens. A regulation process allows us all to benefit and the player can be more confident about where they are going to deposit their money. In addition, the taxes generated by the operation of gambling are used to improve people's quality of life. Specifically in Colombia, for example, they are allocated to the health sector.

-GoldenRace has just opened an Ecuador office. What do you think this will mean in terms of what can be achieved from now on in this country?

Our recent office in Quito joins those already established in Lima, Medellín and São Paulo, which is undoubtedly a clear message of how well positioned our company is in Latin America and that we do not hesitate for a second in continuing to position ourselves as the best virtual gaming company in the world. Currently, GoldenRace is the virtual gaming company with the largest physical presence in Latin America, having more than 3,500 locations with our games. As well as that, we have more than 60 online sites integrated with our All in One solution, which not only includes our virtual games but also our Spinmatic Slots games and our live casino and lottery style games from HollywoodTV.

-What do people in LatAm bet on most and what are their favourite products from the GoldenRace portfolio?

What they bet on most are our football tournaments. We have all the leagues from all countries: Copa America, World Cup, Libertadores, Champions League, among others. Players appreciate the quality of the animation, the real odds and the virtual reality, which is applied in the same way as betting on real sports bets. In second place are our famous dog races and, in third place, Spin2Win.

-What is new about GoldenRace's satellite solution?

Our satellite solution is unique in Latin America. Through our satellite we offer 3 dedicated channels to our customers, with simultaneous screens and no loss of signal or intermittency problems. Our clients only need to buy a digital decoder and an antenna, which cost an average of 150 dollars. All this connects to our satellite at no cost, and without using their internet. It is an economical and ideal solution for betting parlours, bars, casinos, etc. In addition to the decoder and the satellite, the customer only needs to have a basic computer with a printer to receive the bets.

-How does the multi-screen option help operators and why is it so attractive to players?

The first big advantage of our multi-screen option is its low cost for the operator, as up to 3 different events can be broadcast on a single TV. For the players, it is quite pleasing to the eye, and allows them to more easily keep an eye on several events and/or bets. Another advantage is the quality of the image, as the quality of the satellite signal is much better than the one that comes from the internet.