Horse Racing is one of our Virtual Sports products
Horse Racing is one of our Virtual Sports products

GoldenRace: The Safe Bet In Virtual Horse Racing

Aug 06, 2020

From the beginning of Newmarket and Ascot to the abundance of racing events worldwide, Horse Racing has always been one of the top betting industries. But what happens when the final race has weighed-in, or the racing stops altogether?

As with other popular sports like Football and Motor Racing, GoldenRace has listened to the market needs and has developed a pool of proprietary Virtual Horse Races, enabling Players to bet from around the world. Grandstand passes not required!

GoldenRace Horse Racing is one of the most requested Virtual Sports products from the portfolio, especially in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, United States, and Australia.

With the return of regulated Horse Racing, the Virtual Racing products add a complementary permanent option for Betting Operators to engage their Players.

So what is the sure bet?

Virtual 3D Horse Races

3D Gaming enables many different gaming event possibilities.

Virtual Horse Races are a visual representation of real horse races, viewable through home computers, mobile devices, or on betting shop screens.

The gaming system consists of a selection of scheduled fixed odds that use a random number generator (RNG) to decide the outcome. Based on that, players can view the race progress while the panels with the event positions and results change in real time.

You can learn more about GoldenRace Virtual Horse Racing technology in this article.

In addition, to provide the most realistic and rich experience to the punters, parameters such as Last Results, Handicap, Win, Place, among others, are displayed during the race information stage. These parameters are used by our certified mathematical model to generate ratings.

Retail Horse Races

The GoldenRace HTML5 retail solution comes preloaded with a large suite of top grossing games, and of course, Horse Racing is included there!

With live rendered Horse Races that are cost effective and more streamlined than others, you will be able to offer scheduled races with 6, 8, 10 or 12 (Flat and Sprint) runners, to your Players.

The races consist of a series of Flat Racing events where horses run on a left-handed racecourse (anti-clockwise), except Sprint which is a straight course. The distance is 4.5 furlongs (900 meters) for most of the races, while Sprint category length is 6 furlongs (1.200 meters).

The horses are randomly selected. The first, second and third ranking positions, and also the fourth in the 12 runner races, are determined by the system, and bets can be placed on markets depending on that information. Some of the most common markets are Winner, Place, Show, Exacta, Quinella, Triple, Odd / Even, and Under / Over.

Harness Racing / Trotting

Twelve horses picked from a pool; short races to produce a dynamic experience; professional commentary for an extra level of realism and two different racetrack options: Sprint and Flat.

The unique Trotting races feature the most lifelike 3D graphics and animations, quick game cycles and an abundance of betting markets.

The betting format is based on traditional racing markets, making it very easy to understand and play, and a race position graphic shows the positions of the horses in real time.

Take your sulky to the finish line!

Online Horse Races

With a familiar interface, realistic odds and all the features that Players love, the Online Virtual Sportsbook experience includes a wide variety of Virtual Sports, including Horse Races of 6, 8, 10 or 12 runners, with Horses 8 (8 runners) being the most recent addition to the list.

The online Horse Racing solution can be played on schedule or instant mode (also called On Demand). In the instant mode the game starts as soon as Player places the bet, giving them the freedom to choose the race and the exact time to play.

What are you waiting for?

Take your Players to the races and feel the GoldenRace experience!