Virtual box
Virtual box

Discovery VBOX: The new, ground-breaking solution for betting shops

Jul 17, 2019

We are delighted to announce the launch VBOX: the next generation of our complete betting software for land-based operators.

This innovative HTML5 platform includes a full set of new virtual games and numerous system advantages to increase the profitability of betting shops.

“GoldenRace is always at the fore-front of the industry, developing extremely efficient and attractive client-oriented solutions. This year, we have put special focus on renewing and enhancing our already successful retail software, to improve operators’ everyday experience and help them increase their revenues. VBOX is the outcome of this process and we are very proud of the results,” said Martin Wachter, GoldenRace CEO.

A reliable, intuitive system

This new retail solution has been built from the ground up with HTML5 technology, which allows more flexibility, faster loading times, and complete brand integration, among many other benefits.

The system is easier to setup and manage. The gambling tools updates are automatic and lighter; and the betting framework is extremely secure. Modern visuals and animations were created for the viewer, to achieve a much more appealing user experience. The cashier has a new interface to increase the operation, being adaptative and compatible with any HTML5 browser capable device.

In addition, the back-office design enables the simple management of complex structures. It also offers the possibility of creating numerous jackpots and mega jackpots, different types of reports, and extended ticket details.

A complete set of virtual betting games

Another great novelty brought by VBOX is the inclusion of four new virtual betting games, within the suite of almost a dozen uploaded on the platform.

“VBOX features new, dynamic games, produced with a level of realism that is hardly seen in the industry,” added Wachter. “The ‘star’ of the group would be the renewed virtual 3D Horse Racing, which presents state-of-the-art, hyper-realistic visuals. We are certain that our partners will be impressed with this enhanced version.”

3D Horse Racing delivers exciting events of unprecedented authenticity, with two configurable horse tracks, and the possibility of choosing the number of runners, from six to twelve. Dirt Track is another new sport that brings breath-taking action to the virtual sports pack, presenting four motors in a ring on the highest-quality videos.

The company has also added the renewed Virtual Keno and the dynamic Perfect Six to the game mix; along with many other popular products like 3D Virtual Football (with its may leagues), Speedway, Greyhound Races and Motorbikes, to ensure retail shops they will be able to engage all types of enthusiastic players worldwide.

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