A new retail experience: Golden Race’s HTML5 gaming software

Mar 14, 2019

The main advantages of HTML5 for you betting business

Continuing to lead the virtual betting market, GoldenRace has taken a visual and technical leap forward in its complete set of retail games and solutions. In the last months, we have introduced major technological innovations that will provide your betting business with everything you need to succeed.

Added to the convenience of our live-rendering technologies, our new virtual sports products and casino games have been built from the ground up with HTML5 technology.

This improvement offers many important advantages for operators:

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    It ensures a faster creation and enhancement of new products and solutions, which allow us to be always updated according to the latest trends. A faster development also means that we can include more iterations and provide a better result.
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    HTML5 games run smoothly on various devices and operating systems. You will not have the problem of having to wait for updates or to worry about slow connections. Integrations are flexible, easy and available anywhere in the world, without needing a big structure
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    Betting solutions are now more reliable, scalable and secure. In this sense, our cashier solution has also been redesigned from the ground up, offering a much clearer interface with safer payment systems. Apart from its dramatic performance boost, a cleaner and adaptive design –that fits any screen size– and an improved layout make this cashier way easier to use.
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    Thanks to the application of this technology, you can now enjoy improved visuals in our virtual sports and data panels. Our sports now offer a new vibrant, clean, modern look inspired by the latest trends in global TV broadcast brands. The design displays large amounts of data in a layered, crisp and clean way.
  • New and renewed betting panel
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    HTML5 allows a complete brand integration, with your logo presented across the games and cashiers in a more unified way. Your brand now is streamlined to each game like never before, being always incorporated in all screens including logo, primary colour and secondary tones for backgrounds, and applied to animated components and transitions.

Discover more about our retail solutions here or contact us for more information. We’ll be happy to assist you in any question!

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