3d horse racing
3d horse racing

3D horse Racing

Sep 27, 2018

Yes, GoldenRace 3D Horses

have undergone a great transformation. Everything is due to the great improvements carried out at the graphics and visual effects level. And, yes, GoldenRace 3D Horse Races

were already good, but now they are unsurpassable.

They offer the most realistic experience in the market!

Real backgrounds have been shot and integrated with the latest cinematographic techniques in real time with virtual 3D horses and jockeys. In addition, animated muscles and tendons have been used on the surface, something that you would not find in any current product, as well as the use of a fabric system. Likewise, high-resolution 3D scans of both horses and jockeys have been carried out using state-of-the-art 3D scanners.

On the other hand, for the visual appearance of the 3D surface, technically known as “PBR Shaders”, a short hair system has been used, which gives a very approximate look to the real horse’s coat.

The same motion capture systems (MoCap) used in blockbusters such as “Black Panther”, “John Carter” and “Paul” have been used to capture real horses’ motion. The company has also done motion analysis with high-speed cameras (2000FPS) and real physical effects have been achieved for grass, soil and sand impacts.

GoldenRace’s races are created using a hybrid system of Artificial Intelligence and reproduction of real races. These are chosen among the best and are added to a database while the “actings” are processed in the background.

After all these improvements, it is more than clear that GoldenRace is the best option for your betting shop thanks to its spectacular display of 3D graphics of horse racing that provides a unique experience of real racing.

What are you waiting for to enter the fascinating world of 3D horse racing?