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What is virtual football?

Virtual football, as the rest of the virtual sports, is a visual recreation of sporting events used for betting purposes. These recreations can be achieved by 3D graphics and animations, pre-recorded games, or a combination of both. The outcome of each event is calculated by a secure Random Number Generator.

GoldenRace’s virtual football possesses unique characteristics and features, both in the visuals and in the algorithms defining the outcome. All these features make this virtual football the most realistic and engaging one, and also the most played virtual football in the industry, generating more than 20 million bets on a daily basis.

Virtual football at GoldenRace masters outstanding visual FX due to the use of the latest motion-capture trends and proprietary technologies to establish a major precedent in the virtual games industry. In addition, GoldenRace’s virtual football mixes the RNG-based outcome with realistic odds inspired by the real teams performance.